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20 June 2018
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15 — 21 November 2018
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17 March 2018
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14 — 20 September 2018
Videographer Innar Hunt
Tallinn, Estonia
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Liisa & Nick // amazing wedding in Vihula Manor

There are weddings that are warm, beautiful and will touch you. And then there are weddings that just leave you in awe. The vibe created by American and Estonian synergy at Liisa & Nick wedding day was one of the best I’ve ever witnessed – truly infectious.
Knowing what Liisa and Nick have been through lately I really wanted them to relive the joy of the wedding day again, in the most authentic way possible. During the hottest period of the summer I locked (quite literally while editing) myself into the story of Liisa and Nick for a week and as a results we've got 7 minutes of pure energy, emotions and amazing vibe.
I really liked what was said at the wedding regarding the synergy of American and Estonian people: “It’s things like this I think we need to do more often, in the world frankly. That water tends to separate us little bit too much but when we get down and have an opportunity to actually chit-chat to each other some truths come out. You find is that we really have so many similarities withstanding the distance.”
Wedding video by Innar Hunt Films


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