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Videographer Eden Lee from Tianjin, China - 爱丽丝梦游记, advertizing, backstage, erotic, musical video
Videographer Eden Lee from Tianjin, China - 美国婚礼, drone-video, musical video, wedding
Videographer Eden Lee from Tianjin, China - 十年, drone-video, musical video, wedding


Two people are introverted, boy standard science men very rational, girls are not good at expressing emotions quiet, the groom grew up in the United States in little rock, so I decided to select the glass church in little rock, very beautiful, and wedding girl because grew up local Chinese, so I want to keep some Chinese elements to the United States, without too much noise of America's largest cities, more love relatives and friends love is love in the American country towns slowly fermentation, is worth looking forward to
Videographer Eden Lee
China, Tianjin


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