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My passion for making films over the years has been inspired primarily by the feelings I have experienced during my travels, the wonderful natural and cultural wonders, and the fantastic people. I feel that these indescribable experiences I have had during a trip cannot be conveyed by pictures alone as they are in those moments. There are also plenty of such moments at weddings where families, relatives, friends meet, hug, cry, laugh and a joyful, intimate state permeates the young party and the wedding crowd.
It’s a great feeling to capture these beautiful moments at every wedding and later lure tears of joy into the eyes of couples with the finished short films.
Lots and lots of positive feedback always gives new strength, ideas, inspiration and I think that’s one of the keys to looking forward to the next wedding with great enthusiasm.
I’m so glad you’re here and I hope to get to know each other personally soon.
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorles.