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Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov de Sófia, Bulgária - Boyana and Dragosh Wedding trailer, wedding
Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov de Sófia, Bulgária - Wedding trailer Gaby and Yan, wedding
Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov de Sófia, Bulgária - WEDDING FILM, wedding
Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov de Sófia, Bulgária - Wedding trailer, wedding
Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov de Sófia, Bulgária - Wedding trailer, wedding
Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov de Sófia, Bulgária - #RockWeddingDay, wedding
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Neil and Ivana
One day in the month of May 2017. A day with an open date as we didn’t know which one exactly it would be. It was all depending on the weather forecast and the only one precondition – the presence of sun. A day full of emotions and love, sea breeze and forest savors. A day to be remembered because of the unbearable calmness and ease of Ivana and Neil who made this incredible story happen. And which this 22 -minute wedding video is going to tell you about.
THE PREPARATION: When we arrived to the hotel where Ivanа and Neil were preparing for this magnificent day, there was this unbelievable calmness and naturalness everywhere with a certain dose of emotion in their souls. With each new guest, coming from all corners of the world, the emotions were becoming more and more intense to bring tears of happiness and excitement to the eyes of the lovely couple. We had the chance to spontaneously shoot every second, every moment, every emotion.
THE CEREMONY: The ceremony was held on an amazingly beautiful place close to the sea. Neil made with his own hands a splendid arch, which they were going to tell their oaths of allegiance under. With the appearance of the beautiful Ivana the excitement was so high that words can’t really describe it. After the magnificent ceremony Ivana, Neil and their guests boarded in boats to cross upstream the mouth of Veleka river and reach the secluded place where their party was about to start. The destination was a small lovely forest with a lot of greenery and birds’ carols in the air.
THE WEDDING PARTY: “The lightening ceiling under the stars” added magic to the decoration, which Neil’s had build with his own hands. We were deeply impressed by the wooden bridge he’d made for his gorgeous Ivana. Everything was going on in such a natural and easy, but and in the same time so strongly emotional way. Nobody was in a hurry as the whole day and night lied ahead. Neil had also made a wooden swing and a table to place the wedding cake. He just did take care of everything. Standing on a bench, he was telling everybody how happy and thankful he was to all his friends for making this day so wonderful.
It was an amazing experience and pleasure for us to be a part of this incredible wedding and last but not least we want to thank Ivana and Neil for letting us be a part of it.
Director photography & edit by: Hristo Lazarov
Photographer: Polina Ilieva
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Videógrafo Hristo Lazarov
Sófia, Bulgária


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