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Highland Street in L.A. was on Yoichi Sakai’s commute to Los Angeles College where he studied movie production and photography. One day, after a work presentation a girl came up to him and said, “I felt such love & peace from your work.” It was then that he made up his mind to shoot things related to Love & Peace. That’s the story of how HIGHLAND came about.
Yoichi Sakai, cinematographer/photographer, was born in Tokyo. He graduated from university in Japan and received a cinema major from Los Angeles City College. After returning to Japan, he joined SEP inc., the biggest music video production company in Japan, and made over 150 Japanese music videos and live DVDs. He founded HIGHLAND Inc. in 2009. HIGHLAND is a creative brand that captures wedding photos & cinema works. They attempt to showcase the stories behind each couple, and their emotions through their works. They have participated in the world's top wedding creative team "Still motion" workshop in LA and captured a new style
My cameras which I use: Canon DSLR, Sony Mirrorless, DJI Drone.