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Behind the lens, composing selected parts of your life, and creating a timeless and artistic film, is where I was meant to be
The first time I touched a camera was at age 14, when my older sister's husband took me to work with him. In my youth I was not an outstanding student and did not find my place in school.
My sister's husband owned a wedding photography business and I accompanied him as an assistant videographer - most of the work was carrying and hauling heavy cables. At one point I managed to "steal" a few moments with the camera
From that moment on, I have not put the camera down,
I decided to take my new hobby a step further and study film making, fascinated by the idea of ​​creating a story through the lens. The ability to generate emotions and feelings in viewers through a video clip.
The right combination of music, photography angles and the construction of creative frames that characterize Hollywood movies, were the inspiration for the continuation of my path.
My cameras which I use: Blackmagic Cinema, Canon Mirrorless, DJI Drone.