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Great Tythe Barn Wedding {Steph & Sam}

We had a fabulous day filming for Steph and Sam as they were wed at the always amazing Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury.
They started the morning with Steph as she got ready in one of the cottages. Steph and her bridesmaids were drinking tea and champagne, a great mixture
Sam was also on site as he and his best men were preparing the barn for all of the activities for the day
As Steph put her dress on, Sam was greeting all of his friends and family in the main barn. Once everybody was ready, Steph walked down the aisle with her Father to her side towards an emotional groom
After a couple of fabulous readings the couple were wed and they celebrated with drinking champagne in the upper level of the barn
The weather was challenging throughout the day but the photographers managed to get a few decent shots outside
The couple then entered into their wedding breakfast where they had a surprise for a guest at each table. One member of each table was whisked into the kitchen where they were given chefs hats and were designated meat carvers for the table
After that wonderful set of speeches, the couple then cut the cake and celebrated their marriage by having their first dance together as husband and wife
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