Видеограф Alexander Znaharchuk
Прага, Чехия
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Wedding video in Spain: David & Julja // “Tarantino style”

It was pretty an extreme wedding due to some facts. First of all we had a great couple with a very special and personal view on wed organization. Moreover during one day there was a vast variety of locations. Already these two facts makes this wedding video sample worthy your attention. After the ceremony that took place at the sea shore in Sitges. The bride came from the villa in a gorgeous wedding dress. All the guests and lucky people, who were at that time on the beach suffered feelings of extreme tenderness and joy.
After the ceremony together with wed cameramen Julja & David had a romantic walk along the streets of Sitges. And finally they arrived at the villa, where the guest were waiting for them. The entire wedding video is same day edit sample. It was edited within 5 hours and was shown at the banquet.
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