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16 ноября 2018 г.
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Победитель Битвы недели
20 — 26 июня 2018 г.
Видеограф Tu Nguyen
Кёльн, Германия
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Видео дня
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Masai Mara Elopement / Wedding Film in Kenya

I just felt that we have something different in our souls now, our hearts feel heavier because of the spirit of a new world that has just been built.
After spending a couple of days in Mara with Doris & Sam, the Land Cruiser rolled back over the familiar road, which connects two worlds that are near in number but somehow far away. Feeling like just passing through a mist so thick that you can feel water sticking on your face. Feeling of companion's heartbeat: the murmur of the sound, the hard dry engine, the wheels grinding through the dirty road.
You know over time, these brilliant images will keep dancing and showing up as the most beautiful memories: friends, lover and fellow human beings.
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