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Damian Żurawski for wedding

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I have been documenting happiness for 10 years. However, before I started working in the wedding industry, I had received a film and theatre education in Poland and England. I have directed theatrical performances, I have been a television presenter, radio announcer, and actor as well. In cooperation with, among others, Group ITI, MON, TVN, TVP, or with Group Azoty, I created TV commercials, which you have certainly seen more than once on TV.
All this allowed me to get to know the movie industry from the inside out, but most of all – to develop artistic sensitivity. It allows me to notice the spark of brightness in you, which I will capture on the wedding film. Owing to my sensitivity, I can be with you not only as a filmmaker but as a friend who put the effort in serves you with advice and good word.
Мои камеры, которые я использую: Panasonic Беззеркальная, Panasonic Зеркальная.