Videographer Dimitris Mantalias

Dimitris Mantalias

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Mức giá:Cao cấp
Chuyên ngành:Videographer
I am an event videographer for the last ten years and mostly well-known as the co-founder of Wedmoments, a brand which was created back in 2006 and was destined to change the Greek wedding video industry and become one of the leading and influential brands in the country. 2010 was the year of an important breakthrough with the “Butterfly Effect”, a wedding video in which for the first time, professional voice-over was used in order to create “a story within the story”, an approach often used in cinema, my big obsession, together with literature, travels and video games.
Camera chính của tôi là Sony Mirrorless.
Camera phụ của tôi là Sony Camcorder.