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Love Forever Wedding





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Canon R6, Canon 5D Mark IV


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Based in the heart of Budapest. LOVE FOREVER WEDDING is a wedding and portrait photographer & videographer. Our photography combines fashion and emotions. Our eyes specialized in the human body. We take artistic, timeless photographs for those who care about the value of arts.

We are a married couple from Hungary. While Adry was in the fashion and glamour business since years, Greg has begun to learn photography next to a wedding photographer, so his main profile was always this.

Tried to shoot together and realized we fully complete each other, so the results were much better. Greg was a professional dancer, this helps a lot in his videography to create the full choreography for the videos, and Adry’s glamour and fashion experiences gave her an eye, which focus on the best parts and angles of the human body. That’s how we build our history. Then Hiro came into our life. Since then we have the cutest assistant in the whole world.