For videographers

What is needed to join the community?

You have to be registered . After registration upload 3 best videos. Then you will be proceeded to moderation. Moderation lasts up to one week.

Is membership in WEVA.PRO free of charge?


May I create different accounts on WEVA.PRO?

No, you can use only one account.

How is videographers's rating is being forming?

1. Number of points have gotten in annual WEVA.PRO Awards for the last two years.
2. Number of points for 20 best videos rated and uploaded for the last two years.
3. Videos of the day.
4. Editors' choice.
5. Number of followers.

How to upload video to website?

There is no direct loading to the website WEVA.PRO. You can use such excellent services as and, which will save your time and efforts.
To insert the video to portfolio you can give a direct link from or from both with qualitative image for preview, which will be added to your portfolio both with list of videos and even Video of the day if you are lucky.

Are there any limitations to upload video?

Yes. After registration at WEVA.PRO you can upload 3 videos. Then, you can upload video every two days one by one.

What can be a reason to delete my video?

1. The content of video contradicts ethical norms and morality: promoting religious and race or ethnic fights. Video contains scenes of violence or inhuman treatment of animals, advertise drugs or have pornographic scenes and etc.
2. The video contains promotion of third-party advertising (for ex. advertising modules of GoogleAdsens upon clips) or messages to link to another website ( for ex. message to watch HD-version of clip on
3. Video infringes copyrights and related rights of third parties.
4. Video has extremly bad quality - less then 720x405 pixels. Prefered size is 1280x720 pixels.
5. Video lasts less then 30 seconds or more then 15 minutes.
6. Weak artistic realization in accordance with opinion of website Administration.
7. Video published more then 3 moths ago has rating approaching to zero.

How do you choose Video of the day?

Video of the day: it can be a clip uploaded during last 3 months and reached maximum rating starting from the day it was uploaded. Video of the day can not be a work if video of this author got status of Video of the day during last 10 days. The same rule belongs to the country.
Rating of videos firstly consists of numbers of "likes" and also there are some other moments which influence on the final sum of points.

Video copyrights

WEVA.PRO is not the owner of uploaded videos. The authors upload their works by their own wish and keep their copyrights. If you want to use any video posted on WEVA.PRO please ask the author first.
If you found out, that your works were uploaded to WEVA.PRO against your will and you are the owner of thise video. Please, contact us on feedback or by e-mail

Who can comment my videos?

Only registered users can comment. In editing video you can mark those who can see your comment or even to forbid commenting.

Who can comment my topics at the forum?

Only registered users can comment.

Abusive comment was left. What to do?

Please, contact us through feedback or by e-mail and we will try to make the situation clear and take measures.

What can be a reason of deleting my comment?

1. Discussing of the personality of the author.
2. Flooding: the same comments written one by one.
3. The comment contradicts ethical norms and morality: promoting religious and race or ethnic fights and etc.
4. The comment contains advertisement of something or advertise another website.
Other questions

User agreement

After being registered you agree with all the rules mentioned. You prove that you are the author and right holder of all uploaded video by you. Uploading video you prove that there is no one who can be against it.

I don't like this website, it's rules, forum, rating list. I don't like it at all!

Please, contact us through feedback or by e-mail and your account will be deleted.

I have a proposal to develop the website work. Where to write about it?

We do really appreciate fresh ideas and useful notes about mistakes. Please, contact us through feedback or by e-mail
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